Nothing like a good butt workout, and your booty will be on fire by the end of this one! (My butt was on literal fire filming this because it was 95 degrees that day!) I sequenced it so that you do ALL of the moves on one leg, trying not to rest between each move, and then you will repeat everything on the other leg (take a little break between legs if you need it).  Here is the workout and a breakdown of every move so you can get an idea of the form.  At the very end is a mini-video of me doing the actual moves so you can have another visual if you need it!!  Have fun booty queens!

Do the first six exercises on the SAME leg.  The very last exercise will work both legs. In round 2 you will repeat everything, focusing on the other leg:

  1. Reverse Lunges- 1 minute
  2. Reverse Lunge Isolated Hold and Pulse- 30 seconds
  3. Balancing Butt Burner- 1 minute
  4. Donkey Kicks- 1 minute
  5. Straight Leg Table Top Pulse- 30 seconds
  6. Single Leg Bridge- 1 minute
  7. Prone Heel Lifts- 1 minute


1.) Reverse Lunges

Start with left leg forward, step right leg back and bend knees so that both knees are at a 90 degree angle.  Step right leg forward, and repeat, keeping left heel driving down towards the ground the entire time.



2.) Isolated Lunge Hold and Pulse

Hold lunge position and pulse up and down.  Shift some of your weight towards your front let and squeeze your glutes.  Stay up higher in the lunge if you have sensitive knees.

3.) Balancing Butt Burner

Balancing on your left leg, keep a soft bend in your knee.  Lift right leg up and then slowly bend and straighten your left knee, maintaining a long spine, hands reaching towards the ground.  Engage your core, keep your shoulders relaxed away from your ears. Focus on squeezing your left glute as you bend and straighten your leg.


4.) Donkey Kicks

Come to all fours, wrists under shoulders, knees under hips.  Lift left leg to a 90 degree angle without letting your lower back arch.  Lower your left knee towards the ground and then squeeze your glute as you lift your leg, brining your thigh bone parallel to the ground.  Try to lean weight towards the left hand so that you are not leaning all of your weight into the kneeling right hip.


5.) Tabletop Straight Leg Pulse

Stay on all fours and extend left leg so that it is parallel to the ground and there is no bend in the knee. Focusing on squeezing the glute and the hamstring, pulse the leg up and down.  Keep your core engaged so you are not sagging your belly towards the ground.



6.) Single Leg Bridge

Lie on your back with your feet one the ground, arms by your sides. Your fingertips should be able to just graze your heels.  Lift right leg up towards the sky so that your ankle is directly over your hip.  Driving your left heel into the ground and squeezing your glute, lift your hips up and down off the ground.  Keep your abs engaged to protect your lower back.


7.) Prone Heel Lifts

Lie on your stomach with your legs straight, open them out so they are as wide as your mat.  Bend your knees and bring your heels together.  Draw your abs up and in, away from the ground as if you had a little egg underneath your belly button and you didn’t want to crush it.  This will protect your lower back.  Squeezing your heels together, lift your knees just to hover off the ground and hold for a second, feeling the fire in your glutes.  Slowly lower your knees back to the ground and repeat.


See a quickie demo of me doing all the moves: Click here for video