My passion in life is to help people look within themselves to find the tools on how to be the best versions of themselves. #ThePlantBasedMama

I originally went to college to become a first grade teacher, but over time my life path changed and today I am a full time group exercise instructor and personal trainer. Even though my job does not take place in your typical school classroom setting, I still feel very blessed to be a consistent figure in people’s lives as they learn and grow- whether menta

I like to think of my life in 2 halves: B.T. and A.T; B.T. being “Before Thirty” and A.T. being “After Thirty.” B.T. I was a people pleaser. I constantly worried about what people thought of me and how my image was perceived to others. This went on for 29 years and 364 days, and then I turned 30 years old. On this magical birth year, something in my brain just changed. It’s not that I stopped caring about things per se, but all of the sudden I started

When I first became a vegan I would get really defensive when people would question my diet. To me, I couldn’t understand why anybody would be so concerned with what I was eating when I gave zero f*cks about their diet. Over time, though, I realized that people were asking me questions mainly out of pure interest and not to be judgmental. In the United States the meat and dairy ind

Exercise addiction is real, I see it everyday and I have experienced it firsthand myself. Therefore, the title of this article is pure trickery- there are zero benefits to overexercising, and in fact, it can be quite detrimental to our health. We live in a culture where “more” is viewed as better. The more hours you put in at work, the more successful of a person you are. The more Instagram followers you have, the more popular you are. The more hours you put in at t