I love me some tacos, and although there's nothing like a crispy taco shell, I am equally obsessed with this version using a sweet potato as the "shell"! Not only is it a super delicious and filling alternative for your next Taco Tuesday (or Taco Wednesda

Vacation is definitely a time to relax, have fun, and forget about the day-to-day stresses that may occupy your mind back home.  It is also a time where we may let our healthy practices take a backseat so that we can indulge a bit more than we usually do, and in my mind, there is nothing wrong w

When I first became a vegan I would get really defensive when people would question my diet. To me, I couldn’t understand why anybody would be so concerned with what I was eating when I gave zero f*cks about their diet. Over time, though, I realized that people were asking me questions mainly out of pure interest and not to be judgmental. In the United States the meat and dairy ind